Can I also file my state income tax extension with you?

As our name may imply, we work directly with the Internal Revenue Service to provide online e-filing for federal tax extensions. At this time, we do not offer the same service for individual states.

If your state requires that you file an extension with them, in addition to filing with the IRS, we will try to support you with this by offering the information that you need to determine where you can file once you have completed your federal extension with us. When you reach the end of the extension process on our site, we will provide you with a direct link for where and how you can proceed with your filing.

Note: Even if you reside in a state that has an income tax, you may not be responsible for filing a state extension. Some states automatically extend a taxpayer's time to file once a federal extension is accepted. Also note, as with the IRS a state extension does not offer more time to pay taxes own, just more time to file your return.