What is your telephone number, I need help?

In an effort to keep our costs as low as possible and provide the quickest support to all users we do not offer telephone support, we only offer online support. We have an extensive frequently library of frequently asked questions, which you can reach by asking clicking the "Need Assistance" tool at any point when working on your extension, and then asking your question. When doing so we will provide you with a short answer and if this does not fully answer your question you may click on "more" it to read additional information.

If after using our need support tool, you still have questions, you may ask them by submitting a ticket. Support tickets are answered as quickly as possible and provide the quickest way to reach us when you have a question.

What if I have a specific tax question?
We are not tax attorneys or CPAs and as such we can't provide you with personal tax advice. We can however offer you assistance with using our site/software to complete your extension. If you have specific questions about your tax situation, you can call the IRS directly at 1-800-829-1040.