I made a mistake on my extension, how can I change or fix this?

Before your extension has been prepared you will have an opportunity to review the information you have entered, make sure everything looks correct and change any information that needs to be corrected. To do so, simply click the edit button next to the information you would like changed on the "Review My Extension" page.

After it has been sent (either electronically or via mail) we are unable to make changes to that filing. However, if the IRS rejects it for any reason, you will usually have an opportunity to make a change and resubmit it. If has previously been accepted and you still need to make a change you will need to call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.


Can I continue my filing later?

Yes. Once you create an account you can come back to complete your return anytime on or before April 15th. Now, we do not store sensitive information such as your social security number, so depending upon where you leave off, it may be necessary to re-enter some information.

In order to save your progress at any time during the filing process, you simply need to click the "Save and Logout" button in the top right hand corner to save your progress. Now, in the case that your browser closes before finishing or clicking the "Save and Logout" button we also do our best to automatically save your place so that you may continue preparing your form at a later time.

With this said, if you know some basic information about your filing situation such as taxpayer information and estimated tax liability, preparing an extension with us can usually be done in minutes not hours minimizing the need to continue later.


How do I delete my account?

We are extremely concerned about our customers privacy and protecting it. As such, we don't keep records on any users tax information. This includes but is not limited to their SSN, tax liability, income, etc. When you enter this information we electronically package it in order to send your filling to the IRS or display it for you to print. So requesting that this information be deleted after you complete your extension is not necessary. If you would like to request that all your information be deleted from this site you may do so. Note, deleting your account will prevent us from being able to answer questions regarding your filing on this site.

The process for deleting your account information begins by logging into your account. Once logged in click on the "My Account" link, then click on the link which says "I want to remove my information" which can be found at the bottom of the page. Once this request is received information is typically deleted within 24-48hrs.