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Did you know the IRS automatically grants filing extensions to tax filers who need more time on their return? We can help you file an extension in just a few minutes. Preparing and printing your IRS extension is completely FREE. To begin enter your name, email address, filing status and click the start button below.

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File your tax extension in a few minutes.

Filing an extension, when you're not ready to file your federal return, helps you to avoid a late payment penalty which can add up to 25%* of the income taxes you owe. This substantial penalty, can be avoided by taking a few minutes to file an extension along with your tax liability payment.
*IRS penalty for filing late is usually 5% of unpaid taxes each month that it is late. This penalty will not exceed 25% of unpaid taxes. More

Automatically extend your filing deadline 6 months.

The federal income tax filing deadline is approaching fast. Missing this can lead to penalties and judgments from the IRS. If you can't file on time, submitting an extension can get you an extra 6 months but it has to be received or postmarked by April 15th, so don't wait.

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