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The Internal Revenue Service automatically grants 6-month extensions to taxpayers who need additional time to complete their return. In order to receive this you simply need to prepare and file (either through mail or electronically) a form 4868 prior to the April 18th deadline. This website can help you to prepare a 4868 form. Best of all, often in just a few minutes and at no cost to you. Our online software will help to walk you through preparing, printing and mailing this form.

There is no cost to use this site, to begin simply click the "Start Here" button below and complete the basic tax information. Along the way, we will provide you with a progress bar so that you know approximately how long you have until completion.

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If you would like additional information on the process and what is required before starting, you may visit our Help & Support page here where we cover common questions/answers.


Prepare your tax extension in just a few minutes.

If you're not ready to complete your federal return, applying for an extension will help you to avoid a late filing penalty which can amount up to 25%* of the income taxes you owe. This substantial penalty, can be avoided by taking a few minutes to file a 4868 form along with making an estimated tax liability payment to the IRS.

*The federal penalty for filing late is usually 5% of unpaid taxes each month that it is late. This penalty typically does not exceed 25% of unpaid taxes. More

Please note, an extension provides a taxpayer with additional time to file but not pay any taxes that they may owe. Accordingly, if you don't pay the estimated tax that is owed by the original deadline you may still receive a penalty as well as owe interest on any unpaid portion of your liability.

Automatically extend your filing deadline 6 months.

In most years the federal income tax filing deadline is April 18th (when the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday it may be moved to the next business day). Missing this date can lead to penalties and judgments from the IRS. If you can not file on time, submitting a 4868 form will automatically provide you with an additional 6 months, making your new deadline October 15th, but the request must be postmarked or received by April 18th, so don't wait. Now, our software provides preparation of the federal form. We do not provide software for state/local forms. With that said, some states do honor the federal application and do not require a separate form to be filed with them. For more on this, please see the following here.

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