Help and Support

If you still have questions after reading through this page, please use the contact us page. Please make sure to provide as many details on the problem you are experiencing and if you are contacting us with an alternative email address make sure to include the email address used when signing up.

Is my tax information safe when using this website?
Yes. Our website is secured with 256-bit encryption technology. We DO NOT keep records of your sensitive tax information like social security number and IRS signing PIN. When you enter this information we electronically package it in order to send your filling to the IRS or display it for you to print.

Is my tax information ever shared?
Your sensitive tax information is never shared with anyone else but the IRS if you choose to e-file your extension. Also, none of your sensitive income tax information is stored on this site.

What information will I need to e-file my extension?
A complete list of everything you'll need can be found here.

What is your relationship with the IRS?
We are a tax software provider. We are not part of the treasury department. Rather, we are a private company providing tax filing software.

What about my state income tax extension?
If you need to also file a state tax extension, you will need to do so with your individual state. Information on where you this can be found is here.

What is the deadline for filing?
Extensions, like personal income tax returns, need to be transmitted by midnight on April 15th in order to be considered timely.

Can I get an extension to pay my taxes?
Filing an extension provides you additional time to file, not pay your tax bill. With that said, it is not a requirement to make a payment for your estimated taxes, although it is advised. You can find additional information on this here.

What are the options for paying my estimated tax bill?
More information on this can be found here.

Who qualifies for an extension?
All taxpayers responsible for filing a return are eligible for an extension. Special rules may apply if you are living in a country other than the United States (either on April 15th or when the extension expires) or if a person is a military member actively serving in a designated combat zone.

Do you work with prior tax years?
I'm sorry we only offer extension for filings of the current tax year.

Where do I send my printed tax extension form?
There is no single address to send your tax extension form. The address is dependent upon whether you are sending payment and your location. Please see the IRS page at to learn where to send your extension.

How do I know my tax extension was filed successfully?
Once a tax extension is accepted an IRS acknowledgement will be provided. If there are any errors with your filing you will have an oppertunity to retransmit the extension.

How long before I know if it was successfully accepted? What if it isn't?
Information on the status of a filing can be found here. As for what to do if your extension was rejected for some reason (even if you were notified after the tax deadline) you can find more information here.

How do I get a PIN?
We require either your prior year AGI or PIN to e-file an extension with us. If you need help getting a PIN or don't know what yours is, please see this page for instructions on doing so. If you are unable to obtain a PIN for any reason and can't e-file with us, please contact us to request a refund.

I don't know my tax liability, what do I do?
You want to estimate this as best you can. You can find additional information here.

Can I file without an SSN?
The primary taxpayer and (if it is a joint filing) the spouse will need to include SSN information with their e-filings. If this information is not available, you will need to print and mail your return.

What if I need to request a refund?
More information about refunds can be found here.

Is there a way to file for free?
We offer a free print and mail option. There is a fee to use our software to e-file your extension.

Can I use my mobile device to complete my return?
Some users are able to file on their mobile devices, however, you will need to know either your prior year AGI or PIN in order to electronically sign the return.

How do I login? I can't remember my password.
If you have started your return and need to continue or finished it and want to check on the status your can do so here. If you would like to request a password reset you can do so here.