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About This Website
This website is owned and operated by LLC. We are a U.S. consumer tax software provider. We are not part of the treasury department, rather, we are a privately held company provide tax filing software.

IRS tax extensions provide filers with an additional 6-months to file their federal taxes. All taxpayers responsible for filing a return are eligible for an extension. Extensions do not provide additional time to pay any outstanding taxes which are own.

This website provides free print/mail extensions.

Instructions for submitting a support ticket
Start by logging into your account (here - Once you've logged in, click the "Support" link in the top right corner of the navigation. From the support window, type something brief like "get my pin", when this loads with common help answers scroll to the bottom of the list and click "Still need help? Click here to send a message...". Click here, describe the issue in the form and click "Send".

Submitting a support ticket is the fastest way to receive assistance with issues such as refunds, questions about your filing and other issues. You may also use our contact us form (here - for questions not pertaining to a specific account. Additionally, inquires can be mailed to us. Please note when requesting information about your specific account via mail, make sure to include the email address and phone number used when signing up.

Mailing address LLC
830-13 A1A North #484
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Please note - At this time, we only provide software to help prepare federal tax extensions, we do not provide software to prepare state extensions. However, we do try to provide information to users in need of this (more here). Also, while this website does store basic contact information, we do not keep a record of sensitive customer information used for extension filing (information such as SSN, tax liability, payment, etc). This can sometimes create a minor inconvenience when a customer returns to our site to correct an extension, but it is done for the safety and privacy of all users.