Do I need to file an extension if I don't owe anything?

We recommend that everyone who is required to file a tax return but is unable to file it on time, files for an extension by April 15th. This is our advise wither you owe money for your estimated tax liability or not. However, generally speaking penalties for not filing/paying are levied on those who owe taxes not those who owe nothing.

Now, if you or a dependent is not required to file a return because their taxable income falls below the threshold required for them to file a return, then there is no need to file for a tax extension. For everyone else who is required to file it is good practice to file an extension even if your estimated outstanding balance is zero.

For those who do not owe and would like to file an extension without paying can do so with our free print and mail option.


How long is my tax extension good for?

Most tax payers are eligible for and will automatically receive an extension as long as it is done on or before April 15; however, it must still be accepted by the Internal Revenue Service. It is important to note that you are not "finished" until an acknowledgment has been received from the IRS stating that your extension has been accepted.

Now, an extension provides a taxpayer approximately 6-months additional time to file. When accepted a filer will have until October 15th of the filing year to file their return.

Taxpayers do not have the option to extend a tax return more than once. Under "normal circumstances" the IRS will not provide additional time to file beyond October 15th. Exceptions to this may be made for those fighting in combat, and in few cases, for Americans living outside the United States.

It is also important to note this will extend the amount of time you have to file but not pay any tax liability you may have.


Can I file an extension for prior years?

We understand there are some customers who have not yet filed their taxes for previous years. While you can certainly proceed with an extension for the current tax year, regardless of if you have filled for previous years or not, we can only assist with filing for the current year and unfortunately not prior years. In fact, under most circumstances, the IRS only accepts extensions for the current filing year and until April 15th.

If you have prior tax years you have not yet filled for, you will need to file a 1040 tax return for those years. There are a number of other services that offer prior year tax filing, at this time we do not, but your best bet may be to search on Google or Bing for a company who does.